[VHFcontesting] N8OFS in the SPAR Winter Field Day 2010...

n8ofs at mjbrowns.com n8ofs at mjbrowns.com
Wed Nov 11 11:40:49 PST 2009

I will be participating in the SPAR Winter Field Day 2010 as N8OFS with a
Catagory of 1H (1 Operator Home Site)...  I will be FM only, using 52.525
Simplex and the Local 6 Meter Repeaters (/Repeaters ARE ALLOWED for this
Contest)...  I will be using the /P setup I used all summer
(http://www.noars.net/got6/N8OFS_P2.JPG); operating out of the pickup
truck (engine running), Kenwood TS-60 at 90W (less power when using the
/Repeaters) to the "Dominator" 5/8 wave Vertical...

Here's a list of the /Repeaters I will be using...
...otherwise, see ya on Simplex...

QSL Direct or via eQSL...

Andy N8OFS GOT6???
6 til death...

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