[VHFcontesting] FS: Books

GeoffK gkrauss at stny.rr.com
Sat Nov 14 10:05:13 PST 2009

Downsizing and cleaning out 50+ years of stored goodies. Some books at $10 each, includes mailing in USA:

"Parametric Amplifiers" Jim Fisk WA6BSO, 1964, 73 Inc.

"RCA Transmitting Tubes" Technical manual TT-5, 1962

"Coaxial Tubes and Cavities for TV Applications" Siemens 1982/3

"Proceedings of 37th West Coast VHF/UHF Conference -1992"

"Proceedings of 38th West Coast VHF/UHF Conference -1993"

"Know Your Oscilloscope" Paul Smith, Sams 1958

"101 Ways to Use your Oscilloscope" Robert Middleton, Sams 1959

"Type 529 Waveform Monitor Instruction Manual" Tektronix 1965

"Microwave Systems Planning" Dumas and  Sands, Hayden 1967

"Transmission Line Transformers" Sevich, ARRL 1987

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