[VHFcontesting] Leonids Meteor Shower Reports

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Wed Nov 18 12:58:48 PST 2009

I found this year's shower to be significantly less productive than last year. But judging from reports, that varied a lot depending on location within the US. Some parts of the country seemed to be experiencing a good shower, while in the Southeast, it was "ho-hum" at best. 

To answer your query, Gene, yes, it is easily possible for experienced WSJT operators to gauge how good a meteor shower it just as it is on CW and SSB. The trick is to be on WSJT often, not just being on when a shower peak is near. It's great to see Pingjockey filled with eager VHF operators looking for contacts, but also frustrating as many of them don't understand the protocols or use the software often enough to be familiar with it. 

Gene and I have disagreed on this point before, but contrary to his proclamations, contacts via WSJT are hardly the "slam dunk" that he makes them out to be. Operator skill is a factor, conditions, and system optimization are also key just like any other form of VHF operating. 

It is a great mode, and lots of fun...wish more VHF Men would give it a whirl. Long time Six Meter operator, W4AVY, Gary has recently become active on WSJT and seems to really be enjoying himself. Perhaps if it wasn't painted as being such an "appliance operator" mode more folks would give it a try. 


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