[VHFcontesting] 6m sprint from DN94--WD0T

Todd Dravland-WD0T wd0t at mncomm.com
Sat Oct 24 20:26:33 PDT 2009


Boy, it was very quiet out here. Maybe CQWW Phone has most guys busy!

 Worked one Local, KM0F, Bill, in EN04, during the 00Z hour, no contacts during the 2300 hour.  

Worked WZ8D-EM89, N8JX-EN64, and W9RM-EN52 during the 0100 hour, and K8MD-EN82, K9DRG-EN70 during the 0200 hour.  K9DRG had the best signal of all stations worked, easiest QSO anyhow.  The others were loud at times during the meteor pings, but very short lived. 

So, had 6 Q's in 6 grids for 36 pts, WOW!!   And I worked at it hard, especially from 0100 on to 0300, constant calling on SSB and CW. 

Nothing heard North, West, or South.. primarily pointed just north or just south of east for all the contacts.  Noise was very good, very low, so no issues there.

Worked all these guys on meteors and perhaps some slight Es.  

Also HEARD but didn't work N4QWZ, K8TQK, and another W8.   Mostly meteors and very quick in and out.  Hopefully we can work in Jan VHF.

Thanks ALL for the Q's and fun trying anyhow.

Station here,  IC706MK2G,  8877 amp at 1 KW, 5 element at 40ft.  I need to get tower up higher AND bigger antennas, especially during these type of conditions.

See  you in Jan VHF!

Thanks again, God Bless, Todd WD0T

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