[VHFcontesting] Seeking RF T/R relay information

Ron rons533 at ptd.net
Mon Oct 26 08:58:18 PDT 2009

I am now using two older Dowkey 60-22284 UHF connector relays back to back 
to switch between xmit/rcv at my 144 MHz amp.  I want to retire the relays 
to a single Tohtsu CZX-3500 N connector.  Output of the amp is 400w.  From 
what I see the Tohtsu's spec. is 65dB at 150 MHz vs 70dB for the Dowkeys. 
Will this be enough isolation?  I don't believe a single Tohtsu CX-600N 
would be enough isolation.

Ron K3SZY 

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