[VHFcontesting] Cushcraft 32-19 modifications

George Sintchak/WA2VNV wa2vnv at optonline.net
Thu Oct 29 13:29:58 PDT 2009

If you want to change the boom length and (thus) remove some directors, you 
would have to do a complete redesign of element lengths and spacing to get 
the best performance and a clean pattern. Just because it "loads up OK" is 
NO indication of the performance - gain, pattern or F/B. Don't do it.


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I have been offered a Cushcraft 32-19 2m 19 element yagi (really more like a 
17 element yagi) on a 23 foot boom.  The boom length is a little too long 
for my current arrangement and the boom also uses crossbraces which wouldn't 
work good in my current setup.

I had one of these antennas up in the late 90s when I lived in Iowa and it 
was a decent performer.  When I had the one before I was given a second one 
with it but it was missing some of the boom supports so I cut it down into a 
10 element yagi or so. It still loaded up ok but didn't ever mount it so 
don't know how it performed.

I am wondering if such a "modification" would be worth it on this one.  Do 
you think taking 6 or 7 directors (and a few feet of boom length) off of it 
would affect performance much?

73s John AA5JG

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