[VHFcontesting] 2M Sprint - K1TEO

wa2teo at aol.com wa2teo at aol.com
Tue Apr 13 05:54:53 PDT 2010

Total was 104 qso's in 26 grids with a little under 3 hours of operating time. Condx were probably a bit below average but somewhat hard for me to tell - I have no 2m preamp right now and my TS 2000 is basically deaf without one. Beacons that are normally q5 with a preamp 100% of the time were inaudible or in the noise without a preamp last night. Differentiating between condx and lack of a preamp?was hard to determine. 
I don't have an easy way to?calculate my score based off of distance. I did use Writelog which gave me a distance each time I worked someone with a 6-digit square but I'm not sure how to record that (other than paper and pencil). I probably?rx'd 6-digit squares from 95% of the contacts - in a few cases guys didn't know theirs and in at least one case I just couldn't copy the full square, though I was able to copy the 4-digit square. I'm not exactly sure how the contest works?-my sense was 6-digit squares were preferred but not mandatory. Anyway, it was interesting to get the full squares and see the distance worked on most qso's. It required?a bit more careful listening as normally I know most of the 4 digit squares of those I work but don't know all that many 6-digit squares. 
Tnx for the QSO's and to K9JK for sponsoring the Sprint. 
Jeff K1TEO

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