[VHFcontesting] EME Opportunity

Floyd Rodgers kc5qbc at swbell.net
Fri Apr 16 18:34:27 PDT 2010

You can actually watch the operation at


Update from K1JT who is at the operation"

/Hi all,

 Greetings from Arecibo!

 Many problems today, but also many QSOs.  Our amplifier died about an hour 
 before the start of our moon window.  We therefore ran with a barefoot 
 TS-2000 -- about 30 W in the lab, maybe 25 W at the feed.  Nevertheless,
 we made 86 QSOs today.  Received signals were many, and some were very 
 strong.  Thanks to all who copied our peanut whistle signal.  We are busy 
 now trouble-shooting the amplifier.  With some luck we will be 10-13 dB 
 stronger tomorrow.

 In general the pile-up was well behaved, and split-frequency operation worked 
 well.  We were on 432.045 and answering calls between 432.050 and 432.060.

 Operations tomorrow will be similar to those of today.  Perhaps some SSB QSOs 
 at the start, if we have the amplifier.  Then CW for as long as people
 are calling.  

 We'll switch to JT65B if the QSO rate falls to a very low rate.  We certainly 
 will run JT65B for at least half of our moon window on Sunday./

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