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Mon Apr 26 08:05:01 PDT 2010

Hi Lu,
  Thanks for the feedback - Here's some quick answers:

> 1)  Allow the map to take up the whole screen (right now it looks cramped in
> one corner on the Google page and uses about half the screen on the
> vhfscores page).

Clicking the View Larger Map link under the small embedded map on my
web site will get you the full browser map.  All you need to do is
click the << next to the Get Direction link arrows in the upper right
corner of the grid list column.  That eliminates the column and fills
the entire browser with the map.  You can then scroll , zoom, etc to
your liking.

> 2)  Allow the grid-6 to be shown rather than the grid-4 (for those stations
> who provided it, of course).

Interesting - I guess once VHF contests switch over to 6-digit I could
see this being of more use.  This appears to be a doable request.

> 3)  Stamp the grid name somewhere inside the grid, probably in a translucent
> color.  This info would be more important to me than a color representing
> how many QSOs I worked in the grid.

I will need to see if the Google API allows for this type of scalable
text drawing.  Given the map zoom capability not sure this is a doable
request.  The Grid List column on the Larger Map View takes the place
of this at the moment. Clicking a check box next to the grid toggles
it off/on in the map area, so you can see which grid it is.

> 4)  I am not always given the option of downloading the HTML version of the
> Google map (which is a quicker download for folks on dialup like me).  I
> have to wait a long time for the broadband version to load (and refresh with
> each zoom in).  If there were a way to embed the HTML option into the URL as
> the default, that would be great.  High-speed users can always switch to the
> high-speed version if desired.

I don't understand this comment or request. There is no HTML version
of the map.  This is a dynamically generated image.  There is a URL
you can bookmark or email so you can email / IM, or return to the map.
 This is accessible on the View Larger Map screen, and the Link link
in the upper right hand corner of the map above the
Map/Terrain/Satellite buttons. Click it and copy the contents of the
Paste Link text box.

> 5)  Make the map saveable as a .jpg file or make it linkable as a
> full-screen image so folks can post them on their websites.

Maps can be saved using Alt-Prnt Screen key under Windows and pasted
to your favorite graphic editor.  Google and browsers do not allow for
direct JPEG map saves.  There are plugins for Firefox browser that
make screen web capture easier - see Screengrab
http://www.screengrab.org/ for example.

The linking issue for posting on a web site again can be accomplished
using the answer to #4 above using Link link and copy paste its
http://... contents to your web site HTML code.

> 6)  How about a feature that draws a line showing the path of each contact?
> Maybe when you mouse over it, the path length in kilometers and miles shows
> up.

Very interesting, i like the idea  - lots of computations involved in
this, especially for logs with many QSOs.  I will investigate this
further.  They do something like this at
http://wsprnet.org/drupal/wsprnet/map but as you can see it gets very

> 73
> Lu


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