[VHFcontesting] Flex-Radio 1500 & WSJT

Ray J Ray at w9ray.org
Fri Apr 30 16:16:12 PDT 2010

as far as the audio you need a 3rd party program, Virtual Audio Cable, 
known as  VAC for short, to route the audio from PowerSDR to WSJT


PowerSDR uses CAT commands to talk to WSJT using virtual com port program


It might be ok for VHF hams.. but not for microwave operators.. It has 
no 2 meter capability for any of the higher band transverters.

there is ptt in and out and audio in and out located on the back as well 
as I2C Serial data port.. but no accessories made for it yet..its all in 
a db9 connector.. no easy to use rca plugs

there is a UHF sdr transceiver kit around.. I have it, but have not had 
a chance to work on it yet.. covers 1.75-700mhz with decent preamp and 
50 mW rf output.



Les Rayburn wrote:
> For those who haven't seen it yet, Flexradio is debuting a new Software Defined Radio (SDR) that is targeted directly towards the serious VHF weak signal ham who is already using transverters. I.E., a lot of us! 
> The Flexradio 1500 is an entry level SDR, that covers HF-6M at 5 watt output. But it also incorporates a ton of features targeted at transverter users...best of all it will retail for under $700. 
> http://www.flex-radio.com/Products.aspx?topic=F1.5k_features
> Among those features: 
>   a.. Separate receive only antenna input. 
>   b.. New I/O connector to make it easier to provide band data, key PTT, sequencers, etc. 
>   c.. Ability to configure internal high gain/low noise pre-amps for weak signal operation 
>   d.. Input for external frequency standard, critical for UHF and above operations, also a huge plus for digital modes. 
> I'm certainly planning on saving some pennies to get one of these. One question that I have for current users of the Flex-Radio SDR software is regarding WSJT (digital mode) operations. Since the units include a built in soundcard, I assume that Windows would recognize that soundcard, and WSJT could be configured to work with the SDR without the need for an additional interface. Is this correct? 
> If so, how does the SDR software interact with the WSJT software? Does everyone play nice? 
> How long before we see a fully featured VHF/UHF SDR? I imagine that a 50mhz to 1.2ghz SDR with about 5 watts of output power would sell very well indeed. 
> 73,
> Les Rayburn, N1LF
> EM63nf
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