[VHFcontesting] Update on the VHF components of the new ARRLWeb Site

James Hayes n2yev94 at charter.net
Mon Aug 2 11:28:49 PDT 2010


Who's blaming whom???  And, for what reason, because we may need to pony up 
a few more dollars? I know for one, in the current fiscal mess most of us 
are feeling, I would tend to cringe at an increase in dues and other fees, 
but the truth is, as you stated, a necessity for non-profit organizations 
the ARRL is no exception! I support a raise in dues and fees if it keeps our 
hobby protected from commercial interests out there who want our spectrum 
for their uses, like RFID jeans in a giant  'unnamed' discount store wants 
to do for inventory control purposes!?! Where is that efficient or 
productive for either us hams or the store? Anyway it's wasteful usage of 
our spectrum like this that the League protects us against.
I know I personally have run into the tower "NIMBY" scenario more than once 
an have been on both sides of the outcome, and the League has been more than 
instrumental in fighting that battle as well, and these are only two 
examples of what that have done and are capable of doing. But, not without 
our continual financial backing and getting involved in other ways.
We must protect this hobby of ours as we are being hit on all sides 
continually...I'm doing my share when and where I can!

Jim, N2YEV
FN34fo, Peru, NY
n2yev at arrl.net

From: "Bill VanAlstyne W5WVO" <w5wvo at cybermesa.net>
Sent: Sunday, August 01, 2010 8:49 PM
To: "Eugene Zimmerman" <ezimmerm at erols.com>; <vhfcontesting at contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] Update on the VHF components of the new ARRLWeb 

> Gene W3ZZ wrote:
>> Please do NOT blame the working staff. In fact without the
>> intervention of Sean Kutzko we would have nothing. Part of
>> the problem is lack of manpower...
> ARRL has been using for-profit fund-raising organizations to beat the drum
> for extra donations for years. We've all received their many mailings. I
> don't know how effective this has been, but obviously these organizations
> don't work for free. Is the League getting its money's worth out of these
> consultants? I personally tend to doubt it, but of course I could be dead
> wrong.
> In any case, while I suppose this is heresy of some sort, hams being where
> they generally are on the political spectrum (yours truly excepted), maybe
> it's time for the ARRL to think seriously about the necessity of a
> significant dues increase, along with perhaps some other fees. You can't 
> run
> an organization without adequate funds, and non-profit organizations are
> especially vulnerable because they typically have nothing to fall back 
> upon
> in tough times.
> My gut feel is that they are afraid to raise dues for fear that the
> membership would rebel en masse -- and I suppose some members might in 
> fact
> do that. I think that would be very short-sighted, but what do I know.
> I do know that the ARRL staff I'm personally acquainted with make a LOT 
> less
> money working for the ARRL than they could make in an equivalent or even a
> lesser job in the private sector. This is true pretty much throughout the
> non-profit sector; people who choose to work in such organizations do so 
> out
> of a sense of personal passion and commitment. I personally think it's 
> high
> time the rest of us stepped up and showed where OUR personal commitment 
> is,
> and supported a well-reasoned and sensible increase in dues and fees 
> revenue
> for the League.
> Just MHO. Flame away.
> Bill W5WVO
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> From: "Eugene Zimmerman" <ezimmerm at erols.com>
> Sent: Sunday, August 01, 2010 20:57
> To: <vhfcontesting at contesting.com>
> Subject: [VHFcontesting] Update on the VHF components of the new ARRL 
> WebSite> I would like to bring the community more up to date about the 
> status of
> VHF+
>> information on the new ARRL Web.
>> As most of you know the transition to the new Web site which occurred 
>> this
>> spring has been a very rocky one. Much of the content on the previous web
>> site is either not there on the new site or the navigation on the new 
>> site
>> is so bad that no one can find it. In addition there are serious problems
>> with the new site which have to be fixed before anyone will see any
>> improvement in those issues.
>> Happily with the help of Sean Kutzko KX9X who will be responsible for
>> updating the World Above 50 MHz section of the new site once the site is
>> working properly we have been able to resurrect much of the old site. You
>> can locate the site at
>> www.arrl.org/the-world-above-50-mhz
>> Look on the upper left hand section of that page and you will see most of
>> the old content.
>> Click on V/U/SHF Clubs to see information about VHF+ clubs.
>> Click on WA50 Standings to see the current Standings.
>> Click on 6 Meter First to see the first Q between the US and other
>> countries.
>> Click on Distance Records to see the VHF+ distance records on each band.
>> Just today I found that the Grid Chase is already on the Web though no 
>> one
>> could find it. I am going to try to get a link to it posted on the World
>> Above page this week. In the meantime go to
>> www.arrl.org/grid-chase
>> CAVEATS:  First the linkage to the database that creates Standings tables
>> is
>> broken. New information needs to be entered manually and the site freezes
>> when you do that. So please DO send your updates to standings at arrl.org 
>> but
>> realize that they may not get entered until the problems are fixed. But
>> eventually they WILL be entered.  It is possible that the grid chase data
>> also has the same sort of problem. The Distance Records were just 
>> restored
>> Thursday and I need to contact Al Ward W5LUA who maintains those records
>> so
>> if you have an update you sent Al and it is not listed yet please QRX
>> until
>> he knows that he can work with Sean to get the information updated. The
>> Distance Records and the 6 Meter Firsts are NOT linked to databases so
>> once
>> we get the process going updates to them will not require fixing the rest
>> of
>> the website.
>> This process has been very frustrating to me. I absolutely refuse to 
>> write
>> websites. And the transition to the new ARRL site has been a disaster.
>> Please do NOT blame the working staff. In fact without the intervention 
>> of
>> Sean Kutzko we would have nothing. Part of the problem is lack of
>> manpower.
>> I understand at least one new person has been added and maybe he will be
>> able to fix some of this. [Don't ask me why the developer hasn't fixed
>> it -
>> either they can't or the ARRL has decided not to pay them to fix the mess
>> they left behind]. I cannot tell you when all or any of the problems will
>> be
>> fixed or when LoTW and VUCC will be linked. The latter is pretty far down
>> the priority list at the moment. Since very little has been fixed in the
>> months since the new site went live, your guess is as good as mine as to
>> when we will see any progress.
>> What you can do
>> The VHF community's only recourse is to write your Director. Ask when 
>> and VUCC will be linked. I have done so and I see others have as well. I
>> don't know if it will do any good but nothing else is likely to do any
>> good
>> either.
>> 73  Gene  W3ZZ
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