[VHFcontesting] OT: mini-itx + automotive PCs

John D'Ausilio jdausilio at gmail.com
Wed May 5 09:05:53 PDT 2010

Pretty off-topic, but there is a radio tie-in .. I'm thinking about
replacing the old IBM Netfinity P4 box in my rover vehicle (runs
Userful Desktop Manager under Ubuntu to drive two consoles used for
Roverlog, plus serial control of keying, band config, etc).

Does anyone have any direct experience with running any of the
mini-itx car pcs? There are many varieties of dc-dc converters around,
this will be driven from a Jacobs Accuvolt (100A buck-boost regulator)
set to 14V, so the normal isolation from the vehicle electrical system
variations in voltage  probably shouldn't be necessary (though it
wouldn't hurt anything either). I'm looking at the Jetway NC-92
motherboard, the 4 port serial daughterboard would be perfect and it
has a pci slot for my dual-monitor VGA card. I'm also looking at the
mini-box M300 enclosure, as it supports the PCI slot with a riser ..

Any stories/ideas/hints/kinks welcome
de w1rt/john

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