[VHFcontesting] VHF Contesting School Articles -- pass them around

Todd Sprinkmann sprinkies at excel.net
Sat May 8 08:29:58 PDT 2010

    Good morning, 

    I hope we all agree that we could use more VHF/UHF contest activity.   
More activity = more fun.   I know the readers here don't need contest 
tutorials, BUT... I want you to pass the info in this email to those who 
might become contesters.   Give me a minute of your time, please. 

    Tonight's 6m Spring Sprint is the last of the sprints.   Then we eagerly 
anticipate the busy all-band summer contest season.   First up will be the 
ARRL June VHF QSO Party weekend of June 12-13th.   I've put up a contest 
calendar on my website kc9bqa.com.   The direct link to it is: 

    Of more importance is an 8-part series of articles that I wrote back in 
2009-early 2010.   I know there are others who have also put together contest 
tutorials, and congrats to those who have.   But I think the VHF Contesting 
School articles can really help get a total newbie on the air. 

    The articles are at this link:   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2641 

    If you want more VHF/UHF contest activity, then spread the word.   For 
instance, think about all the guys who have the HF + V/UHF rigs with all 
bands in one box.   Those guys are just waiting to learn about V/U 
    You are free to distribute this info to anyone/anywhere.   It's paid big 
dividends in and near WI, the past two contest seasons. 

    Todd  KC9BQA   EN63ao    40 N of Milwaukee 
    www.kc9bqa.com  For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates 
    www.wivuch.com  WI VHF/UHF County Hunters Award 
    (Yes, out-of-state hams are welcome to work 20 WI Co's on any bands 50 
MHz and up and earn their initial certificate.   Hope other states get on 
board with similar programs.) 

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