[VHFcontesting] N8RA 6M sprint corrected

Chet S chetsubaccount at snet.net
Sun May 9 06:09:20 PDT 2010

Oops, score below was in miles, correct score is 4496 (km).


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Band  Mode   QSOs   Grid     
  50  CW       1      1     
  50  RTTY     1      0     
  50  USB     29      9   
Total         31     10  

Score: 2,794

At the start, I did not hear a soul on the band. After a few minutes, a few
distant stations were heard and logged. After that, a mix of CQing and
S&Ping put 14 stations in the log during the first hour. It then took a
couple more hours after that to get the rest. In the third hour, I tried
FSK441, but only managed to work one station in an adjacent grid. No one
else was heard on that mode. Conditions seemed poor but I managed to work
almost everyone heard.

This was a fun break from the spring chores, and chance to play with the
toys again

TU and 73
Chet, N8RA

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