[VHFcontesting] My sequencer project

John D'Ausilio jdausilio at gmail.com
Mon May 10 09:22:27 PDT 2010

The Intergalactic Roving Battle Jitney has undergone many a
transformation since the day I drove it away from Bill's house, and
one of the first ones was the consolidation of all of the microwave
sequencing and switching into a single box. The sequencing was done by
a DEMI TRS connected to a hand-wired board full of reed relays, and
based on an input from my band decoder it would steer sequencing
signals to the correct amps/relays/transverters/preamps for the
selected band.

This winter I felt it was time to re-rebuild the microwave box, and I
decided I'd put all the hand-wired sequencing stuff on a PCB.

You can see the result at

The board accepts a PTT-L input and either 3 binary bits (normal or
inverted) or 8 individual ground-per-band inputs to select a band. The
sequencer circuit is pretty much identical to the TRS except done all
in surface mount. Sequencer step 4 is hard-wired to a PTT-OUT
connector. Steps 1-3 route to a set of 3 connectors per band, and each
step can be jumped to provide +12 or ground when active.

The main goal was to get rid of all the messy wiring .. this board
will mount to the rear panel of a 4U box I'm using and all of the
phono jacks on the rear will protrude through the many holes I still
need to drill in it ;)

de w1rt/john

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