[VHFcontesting] 2010 Spring Sprints Update (# 4)

Spring Sprints springvhfuhfsprints at gmail.com
Tue May 11 07:23:07 PDT 2010

Greetings all,

FOUR weeks have now passed since the first of this year's Spring
Sprints on 144 MHz this past Saturday saw the last of them with the
50 MHz event.

1. The count of logs for the 222 MHz event is now final at 47. Similar
to the results for 144 MHz Logs, 98% of the QSOs in the logs showed
6-character Grids recorded. Over 87% of the logs (41) had 100% of
the QSOs with 6-character Grids recorded, though there was one log
for 222 MHz that had NO 6-character Grids recorded (but it was a
small QSO count) and the other 5 were over 60%.

2. THURSDAY, May 13th, is the log submission deadline for the 432
MHz Sprint. The count of logs received for the 432 MHz event is now
55 with all of them "accepted". Only 3 more 432 Logs are needed to
match last years's 58 count for 432 so I hope there are some more out
there waiting to be submitted so last year's count will be topped. It
is probably too late to mail a log now but any that are already IN
the mail will be welcomed once I connect with W9KQJ to get them.

3. MONDAY, May 17th, is the log submission deadline for the
Microwave (902 MHz & Up) Sprint. The count of logs received for this
event is now 18 with all of them "accepted" (and has topped last year's
17). There may still be time to mail a paper log for the Microwave
Sprint to get it to the P.O Box before the deadline.

4. Logs from the 50 MHz Spring Sprint that just ran this past Saturday
evening are coming in, too, 27 received in JUST TWO days since the event.

5. Several participants have asked to join the Google Group that I am
using to post the Log Received reports (and rules and results). The
group is set-up to be "Announce Only" and was a quick way that I
found (at the time) to be able to make a web site that I could manage
to be able to make this information available withOUT having to get a
Master's degree in HTML or learn some new program to make web
pages. So I hope that none of you are disappointed or offended at the
denial but there really aren't any "participation" opportunities there...the

participation opportunities are "on the air".

Continued thanks to all participants, while the participation
opportunities have ended, keep those logs coming in.

73, JK

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