[VHFcontesting] a 144 MHz rig .... cheap!

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue May 18 16:08:37 PDT 2010

Hello VHFers
I want this radio setup to go to a good home. The price is right. The only downside is that it is not all that compact. You get an SSB Electronics 100 mw transverter with 0 dBm 28 MHz input and a Collins FAA amplifier with a self contained 115 vac  power supply that will do 250 watts SSB or CW output with the drive supplied. The FAA rig is a nominal 50 watt transmitter, but I added a drive connector to feed the SSB transverter into the driver stage and bypass the low level crystal controlled transmit signal. It is all working and I have the complete manual for the Collins transmitter. The cavity output stage looks a lot like the one in the Fair Radio FAA amps AM-6154, AM-6155. The difference is that there is a low level driver stage that is missing from the AM-6155s. I added a MOSFET driver amp to the SSB transverter, that does about 750 mw and it makes about 250 watts out of the 4CX250B amp in the FAA rig. Not bad for getting a new guy on 144. I don't want to ship the Collins rig. It weighs a bunch and is bulky with all the self contained AC supplies etc. (I think it weighs about 90 lbs.) This all runs off 115 vac, and needs only a coaxial relay to hook to an antenna.  It is set for split rx and tx. (The SSB transverter has a TX out and an RX in BNC jack) The 28 MHz IF has two jacks as well. To TX you ground to TX on both units.  Asking $150 with book. There must be someone you guys know who could use this. I used this Collins rig for a number of years and it is very reliable. It was used as a standalone PA and as a driver for my 144 MHz PA as well.  The SSB transverter was used for a number of years as well. I have posted a picture on my website http://www.directivesystems.com/FAA.jpg  Just plug these two units in and you are on the air!! I can deliver to the NEWS Picnic in July, or we can arrange some other method of delivery. 

Dave K1WHS

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