[VHFcontesting] 2011 Spring VHF and Up Sprints Schedule

Keith A Miller kamiller at maplenet.net
Tue Apr 12 05:20:31 PDT 2011

We considered operating another hour as a check log.  I can't see why 
that wouldn't be allowed.  Not sure that it should have counted as 
points for us.   being on the far west side of the eastern time zone we 
only made 2 contacts in the first hour.  I was happy with the results 
for the  other 3 hours.
furthest contact was 266 miles. (near St. Louis)  Next was to KF9OK, 244 
miles  with omni directional antennas on both ends. (I guess both of us 
running near 200 watts does help a little.)  WI produced the most 
contacts for us.   Thanks WI contesters.  You made it a lot of fun.  I 
know that we missed getting some of you in the pileups.  It was the 
first time for WD9AKG to do any VHF contesting.  I think he is hooked.  
He already said he wants to go roving with me for the 432 sprint.    We 
will have a similar antenna setup on 432 but only 100 watts.
I would be interested in what others think about us operating another 
hour with checklog for the last hour.   Guess I should find out what 
those running the contest think about it.

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