[VHFcontesting] [Mw] How do you know if an MRF-247 is real?

Mike & Becca Krzystyniak k9mk at flash.net
Thu Apr 14 13:22:14 PDT 2011

I looked at the item on eBay and they pass the common sense test but I have
heard rumors of counterfit parts coming from China where performance was off
from the branded part.  

The MRF-247's were built in Malaysia from 1999 through 2003 and the last
ship date was around week 47 of 2003.  

So if these are legitimate MRF247's they were made in the one of the last
production runs.  

73's  Mike K9MK

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for instance, item 180557984917 on ebay .. too good to be true? I've
got a Mirage and a TE, both with bad transistors, that I'd love to get
working again .. I wouldn't touch the "UK" variety, but how does one
tell if a Motorola-marked part is real or not?

de w1rt/john
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