[VHFcontesting] KA9RSL/R 432 Sprint plans

Keith A Miller kamiller at maplenet.net
Wed Apr 20 14:25:21 PDT 2011

Tentative plans for the 432 sprint are similar to our 2 meter rover. We 
plan to work the same grids again. We will be using the 432 version of 
the same antennas. Rig will again be the IC-7000. This time driving a 
100 watt amp. Look for us again from EN71, EN61, EN70 and EN60 This time 
we will be trying something new. Look for KA9RSL-10 on the online aprs 
maps KA9RSL/R

2 meter sprint summary.
WE worked 25 stations, 12 grids. I don’t want to guarantee the distance 
score but if I didn’t make any big error we had a dx score of 
approximately 7290. I don’t know how that will compare to the other 
rovers but I was happy. WD9AKG had a great time on his first VHF 
contesting experience and wants to go with me again.

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