[VHFcontesting] Worth fixing dead Mirage "brick" amplifiers?

Tim Coad timcoad at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 08:16:26 PDT 2011

Over the years I have managed to kill 3 Mirage type amplifiers. I
still have them..(I got them used so they lasted a long time...)

Question: Are they worth/easy to fix? Is there some common failure point?
One is a "newer" black mirage 110 watts 432 amp, (started cutting in
and out distorted, now nothing out...)
Another is a 2 mtr  ~110 watt Lunar (puts out 1/2 pwr and very distorted),
and another is a classic brown 2mtr 160 watt Mirage (no RF pwr out,
preamp out as well, RF sensed relay keys though).
Is it usually just a matter of replacing the final or preamp
transistors?  Is that a worth while project, or should I just toss
these poor things?

Tim - NU6S

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