[VHFcontesting] Advice for new VHF Logging Software

Bob K0NR - email list list at k0nr.com
Wed Jul 20 21:32:02 PDT 2011

For VHF contests, I have been using VHFLOG32 by W3KM and find it very useful.
I think it meets most or all of your requirements.

73, Bob K0NR

On 7/20/2011 8:10 PM, Les Rayburn wrote:
> I'm both a casual VHF contester, and an avid DX'er. My primary pursuit is to
> achieve VUCC on as many bands as possible, but I enjoy a good showing in the
> contests too. I have nearly ZERO interest in HF contesting, and do very
> little HF operating since discovering the "World Above 50 MHz" four years
> ago. (To think I wasted nearly four decades on HF)
> To date, I've been using the N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log 3.0 has my main VHF
> logging software, and his "VHF Log 2.8" for VHF Contests. While the AC 3.0
> logs remains a great log for general DXing, and keeping track of grids
> worked/confirmed, the VHF Log 2.8 is in serious need of an update. I've
> contacted Scott and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be enough interest
> in the product for him to justify an update.
> That means I'm in the market for a new VHF Logging software program,
> especially for contests. Here are my primary requirements:
> 1.) Ease of use. I don't want to have to spend hours learning new software.
> 2.) Must be able to accurately track the major VHF contests, and provide
> real-time feedback on scoring, grids worked, help to eliminate dupes, etc.
> "Running the bands" in the log has got to be fast and easy.
> 3.) Easy updating of Logbook of the World (LOTW) within the log software.
> 4.) Tracking progress towards VUCC awards would be a huge plus.
> 5.) Database of active stations and a callsign lookup feature of active VHF
> stations would be another huge plus.
> I'm open to recommendations from the group. Your advice has always been
> great and most welcome in the past. Thanks in advance.
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