[VHFcontesting] Updated---Items for sale

Gregg Seidl k9kl at centurytel.net
Thu Jul 21 19:10:47 PDT 2011

I have a few items that I no longer plan on using. 
1. Lunar Link LA-72 with relays and power output metering option. I am the second owner. I just don't use it. It comes from a non-smoking household. I DO NOT have the P/S for sale because I use it with my LA-22. I do have Lunar Link's box to connect 2 amps to one P/S and that is included. I would $2200 shipped.   SOLD SOLD

2. New in the box M2 432-9WL antenna. Never been opened. $200 shipped

3. New in the box M2 222-7EZ antenna. Never been opened.$100 shipped. SOLD SOLD

4.Lightly used M2 2M-4. I used it for a few months to monitor a beacon and then took it of the tower and put it in my shed. You will have to purchase a few new element insulators unless I can find some here. $60 shipped.

5. A lightly used Cushcraft 440-11. I used this for a year or so and then went with a pair. I just bought Cushcraft's kit so I had one as a spare. $80 shipped.

6. Yaesu G-500 elevation rotor. I was going to use it for a small 432 EME array but I just have been having too much fun on the other bands and not enough time. I bought this used and have tested it and it works well. $125 shipped.  SOLD SOLD

7. M2 HD fiberglass boom kit. I was going to use this to support a small 432 EME array on the G-500 el rotor. No need for it now. $100 shipped.

8. Glen Martin RT832 rooftop tower. I had it up to try out AO-51. We all know how that turned out and I don't have a need for it any longer. Been sitting in my shed and its time for someone else to use it. This is kind of large so shipping will be extra. There may be a bolt or 2 missing but nothing major. $200 PLUS SHIPPING.  SOLD SOLD

9. Icom 1296 module for an IC-910H. I don't plan on getting on 1296 anytime. It works and has 9.5 watts out on my Diamond SX-1000 wattmeter. $325 shipped.

All these things could be picked up near Green Bay,WI. I can take pictures of any of these items. 
I am looking for NIB M2 6M-5X's as I want to get on 6 meter EME.

Gregg  K9KL  920-619-4824

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