[VHFcontesting] 100W 70cm Solid State Amplifier FS

Fred n1dpm at verizon.net
Fri Jul 22 20:08:26 PDT 2011

I have for sale a home brew 100 watt amplifier for 432MHz based on a MRF392.  
This is a 28VDC bipolar RF balanced part rated at 125 watts. 
This amplifier is housed in a DEMI-like transverter box (aluminum clamshell) where the top of the shell is a heatsink.  
It has active stiff bias for linear operation. 
It takes ~9 watts to drive it to 100 watts output power and draws ~7A at 28VDC.  
It does not contain any RF switching relays.  
The amplifier comes with a new spare MRF392 (motorola) transistor.  
The transistor datasheet can be found at http://www.macomtech.com/datasheets/MRF392.pdf  
The matching is all done with coaxial transformers making it fairly easy to move to other VHF bands by changing components and transformer lengths.  
I have pictures available for anyone interested.
I'm asking $125 shipped by USPS priority mail.
Thanks and 73

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