Jerry jer.sieg at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 24 09:46:01 PDT 2011

I have seen pictures of these 'News Vans' with the large towers on the 
back which would be Great for /P Op's.. !  Our Local News Stations run 
around with small SUV's painted all up for the TV News.. the Camera Man 
is driving..and a Young Sweet Heart of a Reporter is his passenger..!  
We ain't got no Big Towers on ours !  lol

On 7/23/2011 10:07 PM, Mike (KA5CVH) Urich wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 6:25 PM, K8TB<k8tb at bosscher.org>  wrote:
>>      I seriously would drop a letter every TV station with a news
>> department for 150 miles around you. They run the daylights out of their
>> ENG vans, and the vans get nothing for trade. Sometimes they will move
>> the pneumatic mast to a new vehicle, many times they do not. Might be
>> worth the look see.
> Mike wrote
> One of our local guys is in tight with most of the media and picked up
> a used ENG van with ~48 Will-Burt pneumatic tower pretty reasonable.
> Like you said the van is pretty worn out and the seals on the mast
> leak but nothing he can't put up with.
> I priced a brand new Will-Burt 60' @ ~$11,000 a couple of years ago.
> I also recently stumbled across these folks but I haven't gotten any
> prices.  http://floatograph.com/telescoping-masts/index.php
> Also check out N1UZ's tower.  You can google him and get the article.
> I just stole his pictures and now have a tower just like it ready to
> be restored and put on a trailer this fall.
> http://ka5cvh.com/p/radio_pics_all/radio_n1uz_trailer_tower/

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