[VHFcontesting] Tower trailer for sale

N7AU n7au at sagensun.net
Sun Jul 24 10:11:25 PDT 2011

I have a tower trailer for sale if anyone is
interested. It is on a 20 ft fifthwheel flat bed
trailer. Trailer is registered for 8000 lb load.
Winch is 4000 lb. You can carry  28 ft of Rohn 25
tower down the road and when in place add the
bottom 10 ft and crank up the winch to upright the
tower. Puts your antenna at  40 ft with the mast. 
The trailer is in good shape. Tires are all good
and has a spear. There is a tool box on the front
also. Asking $3000 for it. I have pictures if you
are interested. Send to me off list. At
n7au at sagensun.net

Ephrata Wa.

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