[VHFcontesting] K2QO/R QRV for 432 Sprint TONIGHT!

Mark Adams msadams60 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 09:24:56 PDT 2012

Hi Gang,

The 432 Spring Sprint is TONIGHT. The WX is good, the sun is awake and
activity is looking promising. So fire up that 432 rig at *7PM* Local. I'll
be roving 4 grids, full time, hanging out at SSB/CW 432.105 +/- with 80W to
a 4-stack of Omnis.

7:00-8:00   FN12wv or vu
8:20-9:00   FN12au
9:45-10:15   FN13ac
10:40-11:00   FN03xc

Times are subject to change due to activity, whim and fancy, or
____________ (fill in excuse).

*Exchange is 6 character grid for distance scoring*.

Mark K2QO/R

*US Oil, Natural Gas and Coal: 100% Natural and Terrorist Free*

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