[VHFcontesting] The Real Reason the "NO .52" rule exists &something to ponder...

Steve Tripp (K1IIG) stephen.tripp at snet.net
Sun Apr 29 05:52:19 PDT 2012

 I agree with the NO 52 rule and agree the rules in general are not changing 
for the better. For example, who came up with "distance scoring"? It appears 
to give the mountain topper a huge advantage over us struggling mediocre 
contesters. Let's go back to grid square and multiplier scoring.

73's Steve

> Not many know the reason for the "NO .52 Rule" in VHF Contesting...
> A very "Infamous" West Coast VHF Contester told me the reason
> long ago and whle I'll leave him and him crew anonymous, the story
> is simply to delicious not to pass on...
> Back in the day of when all things electronic used "Glow FETs" (Tubes)
> he and his gang operated the June VHF Contest from atop a very tall
> and equally "Infamous" Mountain in the Bay Area of Northern CA.
> They had in their posession a 1KW Motorola FM transciever crystaled
> up on... you guessed it... 146.52 as it was legal then.
> They were so loud and heard so well they made hundreds of Qs all up
> and down CA and the surounding states and ended up never fired up
> the SSB gear.
> Having known the man a long time & after seeing his pics from
> those days of lore...  I believe him.
> Is what they did wrong? I dont think so... They saw a advantage that
> at the time was within the rules of the competition and exploited it for
> all it was worth. That is what winners do... look for a edge and use it.
> However... The outcry from many who were not on top of that hill was
> huge and later that year the ARRL created the"NO .52" rule in response.
> Move the clock forward 50 years and we are now rethinking letting
> .52 be legal again beacuse of a new "FM ONLY" category?
> If we are going to revisit this, why not right the injustice of what was
> done to the ROVER category 20 years ago and revert back to the
> original ROVER rules as well !?!?!?!?!
> AHHHH... that got you thinking didn;'t it! I can hear the screams
> now... Why doesnt he let that go? That is not the same!, etc etc....
> I submit to you the following.... The current rules are what they
> are based on all that has transpired before. As they are now,
> while not perfect... THEY WORK!
> What is the old adage? "IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT!!
> Leave the "NO.52" rule alone!!!!
> Solve the issue with education as to what frequencies should be
> used... Start a PR campain NOW to spread the word thru the
> clubs encouraging people to use their FM rigs WITHIN THE
> Print up and supply handouts to Amateur Radio Stores/Clubs
> with the sale of each new FM rtadio explaining about the huge
> VHF Activity weekends in Jan, June, July, Aug, And Sep...
> 73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09nm... sk
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