[VHFcontesting] WA4ZKO EM78 UHF Contest Plans & 432 Olivia

Jeff Thomas - WA4ZKO wa4zko at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 05:13:15 PDT 2012

Weather permitting, WA4ZKO will be active Saturday evening (local time) from EM78pp for the ARRL UHF Contest. Mainly on 432, but I do have limited 220 FM capabilities for some of the local folks. Due to schedule, probably only be active on Saturday evening.
Around 10-11pm EDT I will be doing some calling in Olivia 16/500 mode on 432.145 USB dial (1500 Hz waterfall, CF=432.1465) if anyone is interested in trying that mode out. Can't really find a "official" calling freq for Olivia on 432, but the above should be okay. Will generally be beaming by the "clock" starting North at the top of the hour and working east 10:15, south 10:30, then west at 10:45pm and so on.
Yes I'm aware of the JT modes and others, but been having fun with Olivia on 6m this summer and would like to experiment with it some on the higher bands.
Tropo forecast for the SE USA looks somewhat interesting:

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