[VHFcontesting] August UHF (N1PRW)

Alexander Svirsky as at shawsheen.com
Sat Aug 4 10:23:34 PDT 2012

Last minute change of plans - I will be operating from a different  
location today than I had announced a couple of days ago.

I'm planning to operate a portable QRP station from Holt Hill in  
Andover, Mass. on Saturday afternoon until sunset. Two bands: 222(FM  
only) & 432 in Eastern Mass. north of Boston.

Holt Hill is at 420' elevation. This is an attempt to strap an entire  
portable contest station to the back of my bicycle and ride to a  
nearby hilltop for a few hours of operation. I'll be experimenting  
with a small 432 MHz Yagi antenna and 5 watts.

I will be calling and monitoring 223.5 MHz FM on an IC-3AT HT. Go for  
the point if you have it.

Alex N1PRW

Alexander Svirsky

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