[VHFcontesting] UHF contest

KA2LIM Ken Kent ka2lim at stny.rr.com
Sun Aug 5 12:56:23 PDT 2012

Hello All,

Well, the contest is over and I must say band conditions were pretty poor
here in FN12mg. And of course, Murphy visited us again and stayed for some
time doing his quirky things. No doubt the worst was at about 2150 UTC when
we had a computer failure and it wiped out our contest log data. Well, we
were able to construct most of the log from our hand-written notes and
talking with some of you later on the air and getting fills on the times
worked, Thank you very much. 

Now I am asking a favor, if you worked K2LIM from 1800 UTC thru 2150UTC on 4
AUG 2012 would you email me with the times and bands we worked you on so I
can verify our hand notes (especially you rovers). If I can re-construct the
log, I will submit it. If I can not re-construct and verify, I will not
submit a log, that way you who worked us will not be penalized with a "not
in the log".


Thank you in advance for your help,


For the team,




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