[VHFcontesting] The HP/CPQ 51.4VDC power supplies....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Tue Aug 14 19:16:58 PDT 2012

Hello from deep East Texas....Somehow, I found a surplus dealer that had 
some more of the HP/CPQ blade server power supplies.  These run on 
240VAC and produce 51.4VDC @ 57A.  They are perfect for just about all 
of the new solid state amplifiers. There is a small pot inside that will 
allow you to turn the voltage down to about 50.8VDC, but that is 
completely unnecessary for the modern 50V devices....they are perfectly 
happy with 51.4VDC.

As before, I really don't want to ship these things as they weigh 14lbs 
and the shipping charges are a bit high.  For those that want / need 
these supplies, I will bring them to the 6M International BBQ in 
Austin.  Since I am driving, I can bring over a bunch of them and parcel 
them out.  The 6M BBQ is September 21st and 22nd this year.

Price is $35(same as before) and I would appreciate an email off the 
reflector letting me know that you want one or more of these, so I can 
plan how many to bring.

I am looking forward to seeing as many VHFers as possible at the BBQ...

73 Marshall K5QE
Phone is 409-787-3830 if you want to talk....

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