[VHFcontesting] FM only frequencies

Danny Pease dpease at adams.net
Wed Dec 12 13:31:53 EST 2012

I will agree, 146.520 is not used very much, but why does anyone think it
should be used for contesting when there are many other frequencies
available? I don't think we have many still using crystal radios, so you
should not have any issue setting your radio to some other simplex
frequency. Using .52 is just slightly better than using a repeater input or
output frequency to contest on. There are those that do monitor .52 on a
regular basis, most are not contesters. Same applies for 446.000, we have
way to much band space in that band to need to use the calling frequency for
contesting. We have a bad enough image with those that do not contest
without antagonizing even more of them.

What needs to be done is a recommendation from the contest organizers as to
what frequency should be used. 

Danny NG9R

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