[VHFcontesting] Why not a list of FM "contest" calling freqs?

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Thu Dec 13 12:43:01 EST 2012

Hello to everyone....The issue of letting the ARRL "publish" specific FM 
frequencies for contesting purposes was discussed in the VUAC forum at 
the SE VHF conference. Surprisingly, there was resistance to this 
idea....some from the audience, some from the VUAC members themselves.  
Here in our area, 146.55MHz and 146.58MHz would cover everything.  In 
other areas, there might be some reason that those frequencies would not 
work.  I don't know what the reason might be, but it is possible.

I cannot imagine posting a long list of simplex frequencies and then 
having to search all over for someone actually using them. Someone 
suggested that all rigs have scanning now, so just let the rig do the 
work.  First, ALL rigs don't have scanning and 99% of the FMers out 
there are not smart enough to program theirs to scan anyway.  Most just 
put in their local repeater and that is it. When you try to tell them 
how to work someone on simplex, you get the "very puzzled look".  The 
idea that we need a whole bunch of different frequencies in the 145 
range, in the 146 range, and in the 147 range just strikes me as silly.  
I would bet that for most of the country, .55 and .58 would do the job.

Why the ARRL refuses to "recommend" any frequencies is just beyond me.  
If only the two above frequencies were recommended, we would have a lot 
of activity concentrated in two places where it would be easy to work.  
However, if we all recommend .55 and .58 to all those we Elmer, it would 
not be long before those would become the default contesting simplex 
frequencies.  It would be nice if the new FM class would generate some 
activity....we shall see.

Everyone is REQUIRED to have a great Holiday Season....

73 Marshall K5QE

On 12/13/2012 8:16 AM, Jeff Thomas - WA4ZKO wrote:
> Anything stopping us from creating a new list of FM "contest calling" freqs that are clear of the current ones yet gives everyone on FM a spot to hangout around?
> Obviously would have to get most folks to come to an agreement (might be easier said than done, grin) and do some promotion/awareness work.
> 73
> Jeff

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