[VHFcontesting] FM freq's

Steve Tripp (K1IIG) stephen.tripp at snet.net
Mon Dec 17 11:49:49 EST 2012


If I had my way, I say let the users go SSB but it appears many others want 
FM to be rolled into the V/U contesting so in that light, why not. As far as 
what frequencies to use, calling CQ contest on 146.52 works for me 
considering contesters are usually hit and run anyways. V/U contests are 
only a few times a year and utilizing the simplex calling frequencies should 
not offend anyone as compared to HF contests every weekend. But of course 
those running the contests should make the rules and we should follow them.

cu in Jan.
K1IIG HF-3ghz

 > Herb,
> You are Dead Nuts on the money.
> The K2LIM team has even sponsored a FM contest within all the ARRL VHF/UHF
> contests for the past 5 years to try to stir-up activity, to no avail. 
> Just
> can't get the FM crowd to understand that you don't need a repeater to
> communicate with one-another.
> Now that the (behind the 8 ball) ARRL has decided to put in a FM only
> category, we pulled our FM contest from our website. Let the contest 
> sponsor
> push it. (they won't).
> And, what's with all the concern about what 2M FM simplex frequency to 
> use,
> Have you got a brain? If so, use it. What ever 2M simplex frequency is
> popular in your area will work just fine. Just remember to pick up the mic
> and call CQ Contest once in a while - pretty simple.
> Ken
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> Not to be a pain in the neck, but
> There is more activity talking about FM contesting than the activity in 
> the
> contest itself.
> We can't get local repeater guys in our club, to stop by and give out
> points, even when they know we are on the air.
> There are operators in our club which are few, and there are others that
> join to eat the donuts.
> I always thought 146.55 was the standard go to freq.
> Keep it simple guys. It's later than you think.
> Herb at WA2FGK
> BTW  K1TEO who wins every contest, has no FM
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