[VHFcontesting] WB1GQR FN33 Looking for Q's in Contest

Mitch Stern w1sj at arrl.net
Tue Jun 5 11:45:13 PDT 2012

I'll be operating as WB1GQR from the summit of Mt. Equinox (FN33kd) in
Vermont for the June QSO Party this weekend.

Available bands will be 50, 144, 222, 432, 903, 1.2, 2.4 and 3.3.  Most of
the time I will be at  near 50.160 and 144.200 MHz. Call in there and I'll
be glad to move you up the bands.

I point the beams north at the top of of the hour to look for PQ, ON and ME

I would also like to schedule WSJT contacts Saturday night - Sunday morning
after midnight (0400z).  I have most of the various digital modes - please
make sure you specify which one! 6 meters works the best for me.

If you like to schedule WSJT, please contact me at w1sj at arrl.net and let me
know what time. I will have E-mail until Saturday morning 7AM. After that I
will be traveling and setting up, so call me at 802-598-1978 (before the
contest only!). 

Thanks!  See you in the contest - hopefully! Pray for good weather!

73, Mitch 

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