[VHFcontesting] VE3NPB/r June VHF plan

russell beech rbeech2002 at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 5 14:03:18 PDT 2012

The e-skip season is ramping up and it is time to rove.

Murray and I will be roving this weekend on the following route:

FN03tw     1800    1900
FN13ax     1930    2030
FN14cb     2100    2330
FN04xa     0030   0300
FN03bi     1300   1400
EN93sg     1515   1630
EN92fn     1830   2030
EN82td     2200   2300
EN81rx     2345    0115
EN82sa     0150    0300 
We have will be taking the normal complement of equipment and expect to be QRV from 50 MHz to 24GHz.  The bottom four are solid 100W stations with eight foot yagis. 903 and 1296 are 25 W stations with 4 foot loops.  The stations above that are reliable but less power.

We will call on 144.237 whenever possible and accept skeds on the same frequency.  Please e-mail ve3oil at yahoo.ca and we will return a list of suggestions.

Keep clear of the thunder showers

73 Russell

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