[VHFcontesting] K7XC - Operating Tips & DL88...

Tim Marek K7XC at charter.net
Fri Jun 8 13:11:07 PDT 2012

Just some clarification...

My activation of DL88 it a quick stop to work the man who 
setup the 6M KW ROVER operations to begin with. 

It is in no way in competition with the fine effort being put 
forth by Marshal and his highly dedicated group. I hope to 
be home in time to work them myself as I need these grids 
as well. I Wish them lots of luck with their efforts.

Some general Operating Tips to help you work me...

(1) I CQ 50.125 and move to 50.150 when activity
demands it.

(2) I Use FSK441A when Mobile with 1KW into
a KB6KQ Loop on the rear corner of the truck. 
I CQ 50.260 and indicate what freq I am listeng to
in that message (Usually 50.255). Once I hear
Responses on my Rcv freq, I switch all further
Transmissions to there until activity dies then resume
the split operation od CQ and announce where I 
am Listening. I will always be transmitting on the
1st sequence....

(3) WX7M, W7GJ, KU7Z, KC6ZWT, W6OMF,
and a few others know my cell # and can pass info
to me if needed. 

Best of Luck to All Of US! See you on the air!

73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09nm... sk

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