[VHFcontesting] New ARRL June VHF Contest Awards

Ward Silver hwardsil at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 18:34:39 PDT 2012

These new awards were announced in the June 6th issue of the ARRL Contest Update (http://www.arrl.org/contest-update-issues?issue=2012-06-06) newsletter (free to ARRL members).  Apologies for not carrying the mail through here...it was a just-in-time event to get them announced and we...um...forgot to duplicate the announcement here.  Thanks to Tim K3LR, Dave W9ZRX, and Jeff K1TEO.

Have fun everybody and may the propagation dieties smile on us all.

73, Ward N0AX
Editor, ARRL Contest Update

Two new VHF contest operating awards honoring Gene W3ZZ have been created just in time for his favorite VHF+ operating event, the ARRL June VHF Contest. Tim K3LR and Dave W9ZRX are sponsoring the brand-new W3ZZ Rookie Award for the top Single-Op, Low Power score made on a minimum of two bands by a "rookie" submitting a log in the contest for the first time (no limit on how long the operator has been licensed). In addition, as Gene was a long-time member of the K8GP Grid Pirates who frequently operated in the Limited Multioperator category, the ARRL Contest Branch has renamed the Overall Limited Multioperator plaque the Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ Memorial Plaque and thanks Jeff K1TEO, who graciously gave up his sponsorship of the plaque to allow this to happen. As these awards have just been announced, watch the ARRL Contest Branch website for any further information or answers to questions.

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