[VHFcontesting] K7XC 6M KW ROVER Departs Monday Morning June 11th 2012

Tim Marek K7XC at charter.net
Sun Jun 10 21:08:07 PDT 2012

Its finally here, Time to hit the road!!!....

The 6M KW Rover departs DM09nm for points East 
6AM Monday June 11th 2012.

A total of 56 grids will be traversed with efforts to stop
and setp the yagi in key grids needed by the vehicle's
owner - WX7M. 

My stop in DL88 it a quick stop to work the man who 
setup this trip to begin with. It is in no way in competition
with the fine effort being put forth by Marshal and his
highly dedicated group. I hope to be home in time to work 
them myself as I need these grids as well. 

As we are traveling a rather long distance over many days
I didnt even try and guess at exact times per each grid
so please don't ask.

This is 6M only to help those with their FFMA awards.

Route is as follows...

K7XC 6M KW Rover Itineray -

Departure Monday Morning June 11th 2012

50 Mhz (KW/Loop/5L Yagi) 144 Mhz (20W/Loop)
6M Yagi when stopped, 6M Loop when in Motion

Day #1 DM09-DM24 (DM09/08/18/17/16/26/25/24) 
545 mi, 9 hours 47 mins (In Transit/Motel)

Day #2A DM24 to DM23    (DM24/23) 
55.2 mi, 1 hour 15 mins (Setup in DM23)

Day #2B DM23 to DM41    (23/33/43/42/41) 
305 mi, 4 hours 54 mins (In Transit/Motel) 

Day #3 DM41-DM80 (DM41/42/52/62/61/71/81/80) 
508 mi, 7 hours 35 mins (In Transit/Motel)

Day #4A DM80 to DL88    (DM80/99/DL88)    
157 mi, 3 hours 53 mins (Setup in DL88)

Day #4B DL88 to DL89    T2(DL88/89) 
178 mi, 4 hours 13 mins (Setup in DL89)

Day #4C DL89 to DL98    (DL89/98)
91.0 mi, 1 hour 35 mins (Setup in DL98)

Day #5A DL98 to EL08    (DL98/99/EL08)  
96.2 mi, 1 hour 45 mins (Setup in EL08)

Day #5B EL08 to EL15    (EL08/07/06/15) 
283 mi, 4 hours 56 mins (Setup in EL15)

Day #5c EL15 to EL16    (EL15/16) 
 21 mi, 35 mins         (Setup in EL16)

Day #6A EL16 to EL19    (EL16/17/18/19) 
234 mi, 4 hours 5 mins  (Setup in EL19)

Day #6B EL19 to EL28    (EL19/29/28)
 98 mi, 1 hour 50 mins  (Setup in EL28)

Day #6C EL28 to EL29 Houston (EL28/29)
101 mi, 2 hours 9 mins  (In Transit/Motel)

Day #7A EM29 to EL12    (EL29/EM20/21/11/12)  
273 mi, 5 hours 05 mins (Lunch in Terrell)

Day #7B EM12 to DM94    (EM12/13/03/04/DM94)  
286 mi, 4 hours 50 mins (In Transit/Motel) 

Day #8 DM94 to DM55 (DM94/95/85/74/75/65/55) 
538 mi, 8 hours 40 mins (In Transit/Motel) 

Day #9 DM55 to DM38 (DM55/56/57/58/48/38)   
496 mi, 8 hours 39 mins (In Transit/Motel) 

Day #10 DM38 to DM09 (DM38/39/29/28/19/09)  
443 mi, 8 hours 15 mins (In Transit/Home)  

10 Days, 4718 total miles, 175 Hrs Driving

Grid Stops- DM23/DL88/89/99/EL08/15/16/19/28

Total of 56 Grids Activated while Driving. 

Here is a list of the grids sorted by Field,





(1) I plan to CQ 50.125 CW/SSB and move to 
50.150 when activity demands it.

(2) I Plan to Use FSK441A when Mobile into
a KB6KQ Loop on the rear corner of the truck. 
CQing 50.260 1st & note my rcv frequency
in that message (Usually 50.255). Once I hear
Responses on my Rcv freq, I switch all further
Transmissions to there until activity dies, then resume
the split operation of CQ and announce where I 
am Listening. I will always be transmitting on the
1st sequence....

(3) WX7M, W7GJ, KU7Z, KC6ZWT, W6OMF,
and a few others know my cell # and can pass info
to me if needed. 

73s de Tim K7XC & Rosie (Co pilot and Partner)

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