[VHFcontesting] Lunar Link 432 amp for sale

w8zn at comcast.net w8zn at comcast.net
Fri Jun 29 21:11:57 PDT 2012

I am selling my LA72 amp w/tubes. Pair of 3CX800A7's, 1500w output for about 50w of drive. If you have ever seen a Lunar Link, you know they are a work of art!!

Amp is one of the later ones (2006/2007) with the black wrap around case, high output blower, forward and reflected wattmenter built in. I have coaxial relays on the amp, the output relay is a VERY high power with SC connectors, easily handles 1500w at 432. I will include a male SC for the output and a piece of RG393 teflon coax, just let me know how long and what connector on the other end. No power supply included, needs between 2300 and 3000v @ 1.5A depending on drive and if you swap out the 3CX800's for 3CPX800's in which case it would do well over 2kw out. I will also include a HV cable with a MHV on the amp end and nothing on the other. The amp will output +24v to the control cable to remotely turn the HV power supply on and off if you use SSR's or a large 24V DPST or DPDT relay.

Amp has been used for the K8GP VHF contests and during eme contests and is in excellent condition. Asking $3000, guaranteed, insured and shipped CONUS. Please reply direct.

Terry Price - W8ZN  ex K8ISK
FM18dv - 1.8MHz thru 47GHz
K8GP - The Grid Pirates - FM19bb

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