[VHFcontesting] A 50 3S High SWR

Michael Sapp wa3tts at verizon.net
Thu Mar 8 12:30:18 PST 2012

When I first put my omni beacon antennas up several years ago I tweaked the 
6, 2, and 432 loop stacks for low SWR near ground level---i.e. mounted to a 
10ft mast. But when they went up on the roof my SWR appeared to be way off 
on all three antenna sets. After the initial "panic-attack" I realized it 
was the MFJ-259B hearing all the strong VHF FM  broadcast and TV signals in 
the area. The antennas were fine and using a standard SWR meter and TX power 
confirmed that situation.  I had the same issue with SWR measurements on 
160m and AM broadcast signals a few years prior.....

Mike wa3tts 

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