[VHFcontesting] AM-6154 amp - thoughts?

Chet S chetsubaccount at snet.net
Sun Nov 4 10:59:34 EST 2012

These are wonderful amps- high quality design and construction. I have three
of them, one waiting to be converted for 222 and the others in use on 2M and
70 cm. 

But they are HEAVY and the blower whines loudly. I've built a rack on
casters for them so that I can keep them in the next room when operating a
contest. Once tuned up, they need no adjustment. 

Yes they can produce 400W output but according to my analysis that
overstresses some components (like the tube). Since I contest in the low
power category, overstressing them is not an issue for me, and they do what
I want at lower output- they just run and run and run. Outside of contests,
I've used the 2M one for meteor scatter at 200-250W continuous output for 30
seconds every minute with no problem. 

If I remember, I bought the already converted to 2M one for $300 without T/R
relays many years ago.
The 432 unit was an eBay junker for under $200 about 2-3 years ago
And bought another 2M one this summer at a flea market for $150.

Chet, N8RA

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I have an opportunity to purchase a ready-to-go AM-6154 (or 6155?) amp for
2m. I have read up on them a little bit and everything I have found has said
they are quite robust amps. The owner/operator claims 400+w which is right
in line with what I have read up on. It is out of an operational station.
The price is pretty reasonable from what I can tell. 

Compared to other options, given the opportunity is there, is there anything
I should be aware of? Or is it really a great opportunity I should take? 

There's also several hundred watts available for 6m (home-brew unit) so I
might dive in to that also. 

Steve, KC8QVO
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