[VHFcontesting] KA1ZE 144.205 FN01 streaming receiver

Jeff Thomas - WA4ZKO wa4zko at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 21:38:32 EST 2012

Forgive me if this has been posted here already. Figured many on here might be interested in this and I don't recall seeing it announced on here.
Stan KA1ZE has live streaming audio of 144.205 USB available from his FN01xt tower site. There is a few seconds of delay on the audio, but it is live. The ShoutCast audio stream can be found here:
or just search for KA1ZE on ShoutCast.com. 
It's also available on TuneIn.com and the TuneIn apps here:
Best time to catch activity is around 8-9am Eastern time during the daily 205 Morning Net. 
More info on the net can be found on Stan's website:
It is a neat and handy monitoring tool to have available. I think Stan plans to add a 2nd stream out of FN31tu over the Christmas holidays.


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