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Hello VHFers
As for Directive Systems, I was just with Terry this past weekend in 
Virginia as we are transferring the business there, and we were talking 
about just such things as new products. We both have many ideas.  I have 
been planning and scheming to try to see a viable path to bring some bigger 
six meter (and other bands) to market for  quite awhile.  Some positive 
things have changed for the better in the aluminum milling business now, and 
Terry is committed to pulling it off.  The business has now been transferred 
to Virginia, and we are both working on some new designs along with some C3I 
classics.  I will leave it up to W8ZN to offer the information when it is 
available, but things are in the works.
    I also had purchased all of the left over C3I small parts when Ariane 
Arrays went belly up, and was offering them to old C3I users.  All those 
parts were passed on to Terry and they are now in Virginia. It will be a 
short while before things are sorted out, but much of that material will be 
again available soon along with new offerings.

Dave K1WHS

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Hello all:

      Thought I'd mention that Directive Systems  has been bought by Terry
Price W8ZN and he is going to be introducing some new 6  meter antennas in
the near future.  the Directive Systems website lists the  new address and
phone number.  I would expect that Terry can help you out  with replacement
parts or new stuff.  I wouldn't be surprised to see some  stuff very similar
to C3I on the site soon.  73  Chris  W3CMP
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