[VHFcontesting] 5cx1500 Amp

F. Veitch fletchv3 at frontiernet.net
Thu Apr 18 20:20:47 EDT 2013

I have an ISM power amplifier using a 5cx1500 as the final in the 27MHZ ISM
Band. The tube is supposedly good as the amp was removed from service
working. Being cynical by nature, I choose to not say the tube is good,
however there are a lot of useable parts for a BIG 6m amp in this unit.
Tube, air system socket, rack mount enclosure, 90 degree drive vacuum
variable with a nice turns counter, lots of HV tank and blocking caps,
chokes, a filament transformer for the 5cx1500, a very nice set of meters, a
huge blower (blower and filament xfmr are 115VAC) and about 25-30 HV feed
thru caps. All of this plus the crystal controlled driver but no HV supply
for $120.  I can bring to the NEWS conference next week if you want it, but
please let me know before Tuesday PM; Else you pay shipping or pick it up in
the Winchester VA area.

Regards to the group.




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