[VHFcontesting] HENRY TEMPO 6&2 KW AMP F.S.

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 23 11:49:55 EDT 2013

Hi gang, Stan, K3IPM, has a really nice Henry Tempo 6&2 amplifier for sale. This   amplifier really is in excellent condition. For those unfamiliar, amp works on   both 6 and 2 with no retuning (not simultaneously obviously!) puts out an   honest KW from a pair of 8874 (3CX400A7) triodes. "Desk top" with self   contained power supply (240v.a.c.). Separate input and output for each band.   The amp puts out full power with the tubes that are in it, BUT also comes with a pair of brand new spare tubes (in their original boxes) which are worth well over HALF the asking price. (Spares   were installed in amp once and after no difference in output was noted, were   removed again). The amp comes with a pair of Tohtsu DPDT bypass   relays which are in like new condition too.. Manual included, nothing else needed to put it on   the air. RF drive required is less than 100 watts each band. This amp has been lightly used, ONLY in the January VHF sweepstakes for the last 15 or 20 years! This is a GOOD deal who wants near legal limit power on 2 bands!  Amp is located in   Southern Florida. weighs under 100# packed for shipping.  CONTACT STAN DIRECTLY if interested. Price is $1650 WITH the spare tubes, $1100 without. Buyer pays shipping. If interested contact Stan directly at:561-483-8135or email: Ss1seed at aol.com  bill,   k1DY


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