[VHFcontesting] Concerning CQ Magazine....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Sat Dec 28 23:44:02 EST 2013

Hello all....It was reported that CQ Magazine was going to go to an all 
digital publication and combine that with their other publications.  I 
read the web page at URL = http://cqnewsroom.blogspot.com/ which seemed 
to be saying exactly that.

NOT SO FAST QUIGLEY......It seems that I misread the above web page.  
Apparently, the correct situation is that CQ Magazine will continue in 
print, but there will be a web edition, called CQ Plus, that combines CQ 
Magazine and their other publications into one digital only edition.

I have been a subscriber to CQ VHF since it began publication again a 
few years ago.  I liked that mag.  I have been a CQ subscriber too, just 
to support an independent voice for Amateur Radio.

IF I finally have all this right, then maybe the CQ contests will not be 
going away either.....I certainly hope not.  I am sorry that I messed 
this one up....hopefully, I have it right now.

Again, I wish all Amateurs and their families a great New Year....

73 Marshall K5QE

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