[VHFcontesting] 2M SSPA

John Santillo u1004467 at warwick.net
Tue Feb 5 22:19:57 EST 2013



Here is a quick update to the SSPA.  I will give specific details if you


*	The overheating problem has been resolved after I re-built the
output matching section
*	I added additional cooling
*	Installed the KC2VWI bulk-head connector for the control line

*	A 40 foot control line will need to be made out of rotor cable and
shielded twisted pair.  

*	The Controller and Low Pass Filter (LPF)/Directional Coupler (DC)
have been integrated
*	Thermistor for thermal cutoff has been added (just in case)

*	This is not N2IEL's real-time temperature sensor.  That is need too.

*	The arcing in the LPF has been resolved.
*	The new high power 50V supply doesn't even break a sweet.
*	With 3W in I'm getting 1000W out and that's after the LPF/DC losses.

*	What's next

*	I want to run one more thermal check with the new fan installed.  I
expect major improvement
*	Finish up the controller wiring.
*	Add the 12 to 28Vdc Boost Regulator (3Amp version I found on eBay
for $10.made in China of course.)
*	After this its transverter and radio integration time







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