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Fri Nov 15 20:18:05 EST 2013

The UK Six Metre  Group has decided to introduce a new contest for the 
Winter season - the “UKSMG  Winter Marathon". The contest has been introduced 
this year to promote activity  during the Northern Hemisphere winter months, 
but of course we hope that  stations South of the equator during their Summer 
will also enter the contest as  well. 
The contest is a Marathon  style event and will be held over a two-month 
period, commencing  on the first day in December 2013 and  ending on the last 
day in January 2014. The contest is open to all six metre  enthusiasts 
anywhere in the world.  You do not have to be a UKSMG member to participate.   
Contest Rules  : 
The contest rules are  as follows, full details may be found at the UKSMG 
website at: http://www.uksmg.org/contest/winter-contest-rules.php 
1.        Date and  Time 
The contest will take  place place over a two-month period starting at 
00.00z on 1st  December 2013 and finishing at 24.00z on  31st  January  2014. 
2.         QSO  Exchange 
·         Normal QSO data must  be exchanged and logged : 
·         Date of QSO, Time of QSO, Call sign of  station worked  
·         4-digit grid square of station worked  e.g. FN54, IO91, OF87  
·         QSO frequency MHz, RS (T) sent and  received. 
3.         Scoring for the  contest 
1 point for each unique  4-digit grid square (Maidenhead Locator) that is 
4.         DX Cluster & Spotting
Use of  the DX cluster and chat/forums is permitted. However, 
'self-spotting' to solicit  contacts during the contest is not allowed. 
5.         EME & Repeaters
QSOs made via  active or passive reflectors (repeaters or EME) are not 
6.         Digital Modes
QSOs made using  digital modes via Meteor Scatter or other terrestrial 
propagation are permitted.  Reports and grid square information should be 
exchanged during the  QSO.
Appropriate reports for the digital mode involved may be recorded in  place 
of an RST report. 
An entrant may submit their  log at any time throughout the event and then 
submit their final log, or may  just submit their final log after the 
contest end, but before the submission  cut-off date. 
7.         All QSO's to be made in the Six Metre  Band in accordance with 
your local licence conditions and regional band  plan. 
8.         QSOs inside the “INTERCONTINENTAL SECTION” 50.100-50.130 MHz 
are  permitted if made with a station outside your own continent, in 
accordance with  the UKSMG Code of Practice http://www.uksmg.org/code/. 
9.         QSOs are not permitted  below 50.080 MHz. 
10.     Logs must be submitted  via the UKSMG on-line log submission tool 
in ADIF format. 
11.     Any Contacts made in  any other Six Metre contest during the UKSMG 
Winter Marathon contest period will  count for points in the UKSMG Winter 
Marathon,  provided that they meet the QSO exchange criteria. 
12.     All logs must be  submitted via the UKSMG website by 16h February 
I hope that you will  support this contest and we look forward to hearing 
you on the "Magic Band" this  Winter. I urge you all to submit a log entry 
even if it's only for a handful of  QSOs. Your entry will enable us to more 
efficiently cross check the entries and  you never know, you may have done 
better than you thought. Good luck  everyone. 
73 G8FXM – Contest  Manager.

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